KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAMelody ** Oct 23 2009 to July 28 2011 ** Beautiful Melody passed away today, surrendering finally to her lifelong auto-immune disease. She came to Milagro two years ago, from a home where small children were allowed to mistreat her. Melody was hoping for a kinder, gentler life, and she found it here with us. We loved and cherished her deeply, regardless of her illness. Milagro tended lovingly to her special needs, and even tho the disease gave her little relief despite our best efforts, Melody remained beautiful and happy. I named her Melody because she would always sing softly to me, as if sharing a lullaby. And she enjoyed conversations with me. No matter what question I asked or what subject I chose to talk about with her, Melody had a comment. Such a beautiful, serene, and elegant lady you were. I miss your voice. I miss your face. Rest well, my love. Heaven will surely make up beautifully for all that you suffered here.