Minnie Two

ann and minnie two croppedMinnie Two ** Nov 12 2008 to Sept 9 2011 ** Minnie Two came to Milagro in 2008 when she was about 10 years old. She was a well mannered, calm, beauty of a Dalmation. I was honored to become her guardian. We soon realized, tho, that Minnie Two must have been abused at some point in her life, because she would unpredictably snap at folks for no apparent reason. Most likely, this is why we found her homeless to begin with. But bonds between us were quickly made, and I was not about to give up on this sweetheart. Minnie Two was the classic dog—a big follower completely devoted to me. She was right on my heels every step of the way when I mowed the lawn—up, down, row after row. Even as arthritis set in over this last year, Minnie Two insisted on following me closely. Such devotion, how it touches my heart even now. Minnie Two is so dearly missed—especially in the evenings when we used to share snack time with chips for me and carrot pieces for Minnie Two. I don’t regret for a minute sharing my life with Minnie Two, and giving her three years of comfort and love that she surely would have missed out on otherwise. P.S. Even the birds miss Minnie Two. Every day several black birds came here at feeding time, morning and night; and when Minnie Two was away from her bowl, they grabbed pieces of her food and flew off, or perched on her water bucket to drink. Rest well, Minnie Two. We all miss you, and won’t be forgetting your sweet face any time soon. Ann.