“Rainbow Bridge ~ Sequel”

When a person who has given tirelessly and made it their life’s work to
save and succor abandoned animals and find them happy homes comes to
the bridge, first one animal will stop and look into the distance, then
more and more will look up and watch. For this is a person all the animals
know about. As they have waited for their loved one(s), they have told the
story of their rescue from loneliness, neglect and impending death, and the
wonderful people who helped them until a special loved one could be found.
Oh special friend of animals, you have been spotted, and all the dogs and
other animal friends will run over the fields to thank the person who has
enabled so many to have had good lives and memories. Then, will they all
walk to the gate of St. Peter and say, “This is a person whose name is
surely entered on the roll once for each of us whose life was changed.”
Then those friends who will be forever together step forward and, to
the sound of great rejoicing from all the animals, cross the bridge

~ Darla Fonseca.