“If You’ve Ever …”

If you’ve ever known the welcome of a barking ball of hair,
a sloppy kiss, a friendly paw, a quiet adoring stare-
If you’ve ever had a special friend to share a tear or two,
or maybe just a wagging tail to lift you when you’re blue-
If you’ve ever lost your troubles in a joyful romp outside,
or shared your fears with listening ears that never left your side-
If you’ve ever felt the wrenching pain that only death can send,
then you have lost not just a dog- You’ve truly lost a friend.
A loving God would not destroy the love that he creates.
So rest assured that you will find your dog at Heaven’s gate.
That joyful bark, that sloppy kiss, will greet you once again,
and share your love forevermore
Your dog – your precious friend.

May peace be in your dreams.
~Author Unknown~