jadeJade ** My beloved little leijona – your diminutive size belied the amount of love and sweetness that could be held in one tiny, furry. 5# body. You were the size of a wee sprite, but with the heart of a lion, and your loss has left me bereft. I can’t lie to you – I have other feline companions now, whom I also love with all my heart. I believe you know they are not “replacements.” But, unlike you they were all, every one of them, “rejects,” and they need all the love that I can possibly give. I also know you know that there has only ever been one sweet Baby Jade in my heart. You, alone, came to me as a kitten and, right from the start, you were so very sweet and so very tiny – remember how the other, bigger “girls” absolutely hated hearing – “You will NOT hurt the baby!” I loved them dearly, too, and miss them greatly, but you were one of a kind, sweetheart, and I miss you more than I can sometimes bear. You were a light in my life, and it eases my heart to trust that we WILL meet again. Wait patiently at the Rainbow Bridge, my beloved – and one day we will again take a walk in the tall grass together as you so loved to do.