Peaches ** Dec 6 2009 to Feb 23 2010 ** From Cathy: Our precious little lady Miss “Touch of Peach” died peacefully today after becoming very ill. We thought at first that you came to us as a momentary stepping stone in your journey here on earth. Little did we know you would capture our hearts so quickly and firmly. Because of your presence, we met some wonderful people and experienced challenges that we welcome as lifelong lessons. We miss you dearly, sweet Peaches. My eyes still fill with tears to join the ache in my heart whenever I think or speak of you. You are missed at the water bowls, little one. Rest well. From Irene and Moses: Dear Peaches, although we had you for a short time you touched our hearts. We had never seen a shaved Persian kitty before. I think you even frightened our other kitty Tinkerbelle. You were friendly and brave, and didn’t wait for a slow introduction to our 3 Chihuahuas. You walked into their room, drank from their water bowl, and they waited for you to finish. You sat on our laps and were most affectionate. Farewell Sweet Peaches, we hope there is a kitty heaven!