KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERABoshi ** April 18 2008 ~ May 15 2010 ** Boshi left us today very suddenly; we’re still in shock. But we have no doubt that his presence will remain near us. This was his neighborhood, after all, and everyone knew it. He was known as “Mistah Hollywood” among the neighbors who shared a great love and enjoyment for him. Boshi was a fascinating fellow who lived life on his terms, and it was an awesome life. He compromised nothing and held back nothing. He was a fearless and mighty hunter on the one hand, and the most tender and loving of lapcats on the other. He was happy and content, and brought complete joy to my heart. And even tho he hunted geckos and birds, he twice brought tiny infant birds home to me, hidden in his mouth with not a scratch on them, and laid them gently at my feet chirping, as if he wanted to be part of pet rescue, too. And together Boshi and I saved them. How he touched the deepest part of my heart. Sweet Jesus, I can’t believe you’re gone. I miss you, Boshi, so dearly. Rest peacefully, my love.