sonnie fSonnie ** Nov 21 2007 to Nov 21 2010 ** When Sonnie arrived Home, I’m sure his first thought was, “Woohoo! Look at all these new people to love me!” Then he set out to make it so. I can picture my ‘sunshine boy’ with his big, goofy smile, tail wagging and entire body humming with excitement. And then I think.. that’s how he looked at me. How amazing to be so adored. He was such a joy, and loved with such enthusiasm and exuberance everything and everyone that he came into contact with. “Oh boy! Oh boy! This is the most exciting thing EVER! No, THIS is the most exciting thing ever! …” He fought so very hard to stay, but I had to make the difficult decision to free his strong spirit from his weak and tired body. He was surrounded by his core fan club, six of the millions who loved him, speaking words of love to the dog who gave us all so very much. I love you, doggers. You will forever be etched in my heart. Sam.