* A Message From The Folks At Milagro

pancetta & siffinaPeople are giving up their pets more than ever these days.  Sadly, those pets usually end up losing their lives because of it.  Shelters are euthanizing (killing) precious pets more than ever – just because they’re out of space.  And your pet’s chances in a shelter or on the streets are nearly zero, no matter how healthy or young or cute he may be.  Doubtful you want your senior pet’s last days to be spent frightened and alone in a cold hard shelter, dying at the hands of a stranger, wondering what he did wrong that made you leave him there.  Rescue organizations are also filled to capacity.  It’s taking longer to get animals adopted because so many people are having personal challenges and fewer are adopting these days.  Against all odds, we keep doing all we can to keep up with the masses of homeless pets and the never-ending phone calls asking us to take them off your hands.  But, for many of us in rescue, including Milagro, our limits have been reached. You must know that people in pet rescue have already made great personal sacrifice for the cause, and we feel deeply and desperately for every single animal that comes to us for help, including yours.  Even so, with all the guilt in the world weighing down on our shoulders, if we’re full – we’re full.  It has come to the point where we need to ask in turn now for your help. We are asking you to please reconsider your decision to abandon your pet.

We are very familiar with the many reasons folks give for surrendering your pets.  The top three reasons we hear every day are:  1) you’re moving and the new place doesn’t allow pets;  2) you have a toddler or new baby and don’t want a pet around them or feel you cannot care for a child and a pet both; and 3) you are “deathly” allergic to the pet.  Do you know that these obstacles could be overcome so that you don’t have to think about sending your pet away?  Even though we’re full and not able to take your pet from you right now, you can still ask us (or any pet rescue organization) for ideas and avenues of support.  We’re still here to help, and we want the best for you and your pets – together.

We encourage you to remember your original commitment to your pet when you first brought him home – to love him like family, as he has loved you.  Rightfully, he is no more disposable than your child or an elderly parent.  So, please, take your time to search your heart and find the resolve to keep your pet with you.  Let us help you to do right by this family member you love – to think outside the box, with an open mind, and explore simple solutions that would help you keep him right there at home with you – in the home where he is safe, with the family he loves and trusts.  As his owner and protector, you owe him that, and your renewed commitment may be the greatest gift you ever give him.  It may literally be the gift of life for him.

Warmest Wishes,

The Milagro Team