In Sweet Memory


Kachina ** March 16 2006 (11yrs old) Milagro committed to rescue Little Kachina from a local Phoenix shelter but, sadly, she died before we could even bring her home with us. Still, we acknowledge you as one of our own, Kachina. We grieve your passing, and we send you all of our love.


jordanJordan ** Apr 22 2006 (17yrs old) Sweet Jordan. Yours was one of the more heartbreaking life stories of all our seniors. I sure do hope your time at Milagro made up for all the sadness and suffering before. God, I loved you so much. You were like the sweet presence of a little old mother in our house. I miss snuggling with you and sharing quiet couch time together. Be at peace, my love.


Malachi ** July 3 2006 (15yrs old) Sweet Malachi died quietly this morning at home. I miss you so much, little man. You were a precious, precious gift, and I know it was selfish of me, but I’m glad you stayed with me in Arizona. I’ll remember you every day, and I’m comforted knowing you’re with Misha and Milagro again. You missed them so much when they left you. Godspeed, my love…


U.S. ** Oct 21 2006 (19yrs old) You are not only my baby boy but also my Mom’s and Greg’s and George’s. You brought joy to our lives for so many years. You had to fight for your life when you were a young kitten against the neighborhood bullies; and you fought so hard to stay with me when you were an old man. I love you and miss you so much and will never forget your purrs even when you weren’t feeling well. I’ll also never forget your loud “yowls” when you came home after a night of gallivanting! You were a joy and a love and we thank you for making our lives fuller. I treasure all of the wonderful years we had together; you will be in our hearts forever.


Hannah ** Jan 4 2007 ** My little Hannah Banana Bread – I’m so sorry you didn’t get to live long enough to be considered a senior. My sweet baby, who smothered me with Hannah kisses – Spit and I miss you so much, and hope you’re waiting for us at the Bridge, because we’ll be looking anxiously for you. I love you with all my heart, HB.


Rachel ** Nov 18 2006 ** (15yrs old) Sweet Rachel passed away quietly today in the arms of the one who cared for her in her last days. She loved to curl up in Lori’s arms and watch TV, and that’s how she chose to spend her final moments – in Lori’s peaceful loving embrace. Godspeed, little treasure.


Phoebe ** Apr 2 2007 ** (15yrs old) Phoebe never quite got over the passing of her sister Rachel. Phoebe spent her days sleeping on her pink pillow in her mommy’s room snuggled in the blanket her sister loved to lay on. This is where she spent her final moments snuggled close in the embrace of her sister. They now play together always without any pain. Peace, little girls. We miss you dearly.


Julia ** June 16 2007 ** (11yrs old) Little Julia lost her battle with heart disease this morning. What a precious gift she was to us here at Milagro. She was a gracious little champion and fought her illness very bravely, a testament to the power of life and love. We are missing you dearly tonight, Julia. I will never forget you, sweet little one.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERASammie ** Aug 4 2007 (15yrs old) Sammie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning in the arms of his Milagro guardian. What a little champion you were, and what beautiful energy you brought to our home. Your favorite napping spot was on top of Genesis, just like in this photo. The seniors are quiet right now, missing you, Sammie. Roman, your best friend, is especially still. The house will seem empty for awhile, but we know you’ll always be close. You’re a part of us.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAApril ** Dec 10 2007 (11yrs old) Sweet little April crossed over the Rainbow Bridge this morning, in my arms. I didn’t want to let you go. We grew so close in these three short weeks, and my heart sang to watch you find new joy in your life again. The greatest thing was when you got tickled and twirled, even with the arthritis through your whole body – you still danced. God, I’ll miss that. And your kisses – your little kisses were precious and sweet. I miss you, April, so much. Thank God for bringing you to Milagro where you shared your last moments with us. No greater gift… All my love. All my heart.


KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAJack ** Jan 23 2008 ** (16yrs old) My precious Jack very graciously gave up his fight with cancer today. He looked into the face of God and said, “It’s ok, I’m ready now.” I can’t imagine not having you with me anymore, Jack. You were the best little dog I’ve ever loved, and my heart hurts without you. I hope you know how much you meant to me, and I hope you’ll be crowding Heaven’s gate to meet me when my journey comes. What a gift you were. Rest well, my love.