In Sweet Memory

My Milagro

My Milagro ** Dec 25 1978 ~ Apr 16 1998  (20yrs old) My Milagro, my love.  It’s been years since you passed, and still I miss you – every day.  If a pet can be our soulmate, you were mine.  I may have given you a home, sweet little one, but you gave me a life.  I hope yours is the first face I see when I get to Heaven.


izzy jun 09bIZZY ** (May 16 2008 ~ Feb 14 2013) Our sweet happy Izzy left us today to be with God and with his foster dad. He was the most awesome little bobble-headed boy, an outstanding buddy to Murphy, and a sweet comfort to us. He made us laugh and always wanted extra hugs. One chilly dark night he saved a tiny baby finch, carrying it in his warm soft mouth, and giving it to his foster mom for care. We feel so lucky to have found Izzy so we could add five loving years to his precious life. Memories of our beloved Izzy will warm our hearts forever. Farewell, little boy … for now.


koki srs pgKoki ** (Nov 2012) We said a very difficult goodbye today to our beloved Koki as he passed on, peacefully surrendering to old age and diabetes. Koki gave us a lifetime of love and light and joy, and we’ll hold him forever in our hearts. Thank you, God, for sharing one of your greatest gifts with us.


max tnMax ** (Nov 22 2007 to Nov 3 2012) Good old Max passed on today. What a great dog he was. He gave Rhonda and Bob his love and loyalty and a few good laughs to boot. Even LugNut the cat misses him. Thanks for spending your twilight years with us, Max. You were a true gift.


Misty ** June 1 2004 (17yrs old) You are my little baby girl and were with me for more than half of my life; I miss you dearly. I’ll never forget your scratches on the door and your kneading on my back. I’ll never forget when the cable went out because you were chomping on the cable – sometimes it seemed you were a dog at heart. I hope you are experiencing as much joy and love now that you brought to our lives. George and I will never forget you and know that you are in our hearts forever.


1211Daniel ** Aug 6 2004 (14yrs old) Daniel was with us only 4 weeks after we rescued him from the pound. But we loved him as if he’d been with us a lifetime. He was a quiet little boy with a very sweet spirit, and all the seniors loved him. I hope the short time you shared with us was happy, Daniel, and I hope you know you were loved dearly.


Monet ** Mar 18 2005 6yrs old) Monet, my heart still aches for you. I loved you more deeply than I’ve ever loved anyone or anything. How unfair that life took you from me too soon. But how beautiful and quirky you were – what happiness you brought to our home – and what precious memories remain. I’ll always keep you alive through my memories. I look forward to the day I can hold you tight again, my darling, my love, my Monet.


jonah after 4Jonah ** Jul 8 2005 (17yrs old) Jonah, my little champion. The shelter vet said you wouldn’t live another two weeks. My friend said I just paid $75 for a dead dog. You gave me almost two years. Two wonderful years – guess we showed them about the power of life and love, didn’t we. People said you were lucky I found you . . . truth is, I’m the lucky one. You can’t buy memories like the ones between you and me. Rest well, my love.


1208Misha ** Nov 1 2005 (24yrs old) Misha, my love. You were with me longer than anyone else in my life. We were as close as best friends get. How strange without you here. Remember how we’d close our eyes and dance, you on my shoulder, to “Forever in Love” … I miss you.


134Jamaica ** Dec 16 2005 (13yrs old) Sweet little Jamaica. You were only with us for 4 days after we rescued you from the pound . . . not even long enough to learn your new name. But hopefully long enough to recognize that you were safe and loved, and your life mattered to us very much. I hope I get to see you again some day – we have lots to share that we weren’t given time for. I love you, Jamaica.


Lacey ** 2005 (19yrs old) Lacey came to us at age 18 1/2 with her brother. We adored Lacey immediately and were privileged to have her be part of our lives for a year. She was a terrific little watchdog. Lacey showed us how to age with grace, dignity and humor. We miss her to this day.