About Us

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Phoenix-based Milagro Senior Pet Refuge Inc. is a 501C3 non-profit charitable organization, founded in 2004 ~ a small but dedicated project devoted to the rescue of abandoned senior pets in damaged and fragile health. Through no fault of their own, these older pets find themselves tragically discarded and facing an uncertain future. Milagro finds these sweet seniors and brings them home to stay, to be treated with the love they deserve and as the precious gifts they are. Milagro does not board the seniors in a shelter-type facility; we’re a collection of caring, pre-approved guardians providing peaceful, loving home environments where the seniors are safe and treasured for the remainder of their twilight years.

Please Support Our Efforts. Milagro relies on goodwill donations by the public. The level of care we can give the seniors is directly impacted by the help we receive from caring folks like you who believe in what we’re doing. For your convenience, Milagro offers PayPal.

Please see our blog for tips, articles, and encouragement on how to find a safe home for your senior or, even better, what you can do to keep your beloved senior with you instead of giving him up.

Also visit our blog at www.barefootpets.com for important tips about caring for your beloved pet of any age.

Warm Wishes and God Bless!  🙂